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Operating out of South Australia, IWN is a producer and exporter of some of the industry’s most valued wines to customers in a wide variety of international markets.

Bulk Wine Supply

Private Label Wine Services

Imported Wine

With a mission to facilitate the supply process from start to finish, we are passionate about taking the very best wines from grape to glass. Whether you need us to supply bulk wine to an international market, develop a specific brand or bespoke label, or find wine from another country, we can help.

Bulk Wine Supply

In Australia, there are a small number of producers specialising in bulk wine – those that do tend to produce a limited number of wines for international markets.

What makes IWN different is that we specialise in sourcing a broad variety of bulk wine from a wide range of producers. Over the past ten years, we have developed strong relationships with nearly all of Australia’s largest producers, meaning that we always know which producers have wine available to suit demand.

Private Label Wine Services

While IWN has a portfolio of trusted brands that our customers can select from, our value is in going out to the market and cost-effectively sourcing wine at particular price points and styles based on the large variety of products we have access to.

Working closely with you throughout the entire process, we then bottle and label the wine based on your required specifications, packaging the wine specifically for its target market. Following the bottling, we then arrange for the end products to be QC-checked, loaded to container, and shipped to destination.

Imported Wines

At IWN, we also specialise in importing a wide range of wines from Europe into Australia and Asia.

Our network of international suppliers covers sources such as Spain, Italy, France, Chile, and Argentina, while our customers include some of the world’s biggest supermarket chains and online retailers.

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